Honey Bee Escape Jump


Go through the bee hive and reach the end


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Honey Bee Escape Jump is as simple as it is addictive. The game puts you in control of a little bee that has to climb up a bee hive filled with obstacles that will try to stop you from getting as far as you can. Your job here is to climb up the hive and show everyone that you can reach where no other bee has reached before.

Controlling your bee can be difficult at first, but with a bit of practice you can learn how to dominate those wing flaps. With a tiny click you’ll go up just a few millimeters, but clicking for longer helps you climb faster. Be careful though, you have to watch out for all the barriers that open and close designed to stop you from climbing as fast as you’d want.

As you continue climbing you’ll realize that the barriers follow a controlled pattern, but don’t get used to it because the higher you climb, the more these patterns will work against you. Remember, If you want to fly just tap slightly and carefully.

Watch out, because the slightest touch sends you back to the starting point! Challenge thousands of players from all over the world in this game where the longer the distance reached, the higher the reward.